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Osaka University Anniversary Lecture Series (OUALS) (Apply now if any NCKU student is interested.)

Osaka University Anniversary Lecture Series (OUALS)

Osaka University (OU) will celebrate its 90th anniversary on 1st May 2021, while the 100th anniversary of the Osaka University of Foreign Studies, which was integrated with OU in 2007, is also this year. As one of the celebration events, OU will hold the Osaka University Anniversary Lecture Series, a special online lecture program offered to students at OU and its partner universities. OU professors in a wide variety of fields ranging from the natural sciences to the humanities will deliver lectures between May and August 2021 (lecture times vary by course) through the remote formats. While most courses will be streamed in real time, videos on demand (VOD) will be available for viewing to account for time differences. Based on the partnership, OU provides NCKU 30 quotas for students to participate in this Lecture Series program. Please follow the instructions in below for applying if you are interested in this special program.

  • STEP 1: NCKU Application Process
  • Application deadline: 23:59PM, 7th March, 2021
  • Application eligibility:
    1. NCKU students including the undergraduate and graduate students.
    2. Language proficiency: Student must provide one of the certificates mentioned as below.
      1. TOEFL iBT: above 69
      2. IELTS(Academic): above 5.5
      3. TOEIC: above 700

In addition, students have to provide a certificate of Japanese language proficiency if he/she intends to select the “Course#9: Digital Transformation (DX) and Modern Society” which will be instructed in English and Japanese.

    • Application documents:
        1. Transcript in Chinese version (front page)
        2. Certificate of Language Proficiency Test
        3. Study Plan in English version (please describe the motivations of your plan or interest in OUALS program)

Please combine all the above documents within 5 pages in the following orders: (A) Transcript, (B) Certificate of Language Proficiency Test, and (C) Study Plan to upload to the webpage with a file name of your Chinese name.

    • Application procedures: Online application only. Please access to https://reurl.cc/3NXNaV for applying to OUALS program.
    • Evaluation: The acceptance quotas is up to 30. NCKU-OIA will review students’ applications by evaluating the academic performance (35%), language proficiency test (35%), and study plan (30%).
    • Announcement of results: The results will be announced at OIA-IRD website on 10th March 2021. OIA-IRD will nominate the accepted students to OU for further requirements.

  • STEP 2: OU Registration Process
  • After nomination process between both universities, the students have to register online by 19th March 2021 through the OU registration system and the students’ status will be confirmed by OU side.

  • Timetable:



NCKU Internal Procedures


7 March 2021

Announcement of Results

10 March 2021

Home Univ. Nomination

10 March 2021

Osaka Univ. (OU) Procedures

Registration (Students’ online application to OU)

19 March 2021


Early April 2021

Lecture Series

May to July 2021

(16:50-18:20 or 18:30-20:00, GMT+9)

Issuance of OU Transcript/Certificate

Mid-September 2021

  • Contact Information:

Please contact Ms. Su of OIA-IRD at NCKU if there is any further questions during the weekday. (School extension number: 06-2757575ext.50963/ em50960@email.ncku.edu.tw)


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