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Exchange Students


Overview of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)     

National Cheng Kung University is named after "Cheng, Cheng Kung ", the national hero of the MIng Dynasty, who has been known as Koxinga in Taiwan. ”Cheng Kung" also means "success (成功)" in Chinese.

At an attractive campus, a combination of the classical Western style buildings and the oriental atmosphere and situated in a modern urban setting, NCKU students from Taiwan and all over the world pursue knowledge together. The well-known NCKU Chinese Language Center, affiliated with the university, is an excellent choice for foreigners to learn Chinese and it also supports to offer the "Basic Chinese" courses for different levels to new international students for them to get a grasp of the Chinese language and culture while they study at NCKU in Tainan, the old capital of Taiwan. International students are very welcome. Join us and make your dreams come true at NCKU!

 Who can become an exchange student at NCKU?

In order to be accepted as an exchange student at NCKU, the applicants must be enrolled at one of our partner universities and are nominated by the home university. If your university has no exchange agreement with NCKU, you may also apply as a fee-paying exchange student, and you will be charged for tuition fee during your study at NCKU. 

University Standing